About Us

  • Feed My Lamb (FML) Kabarole. Established in 2015, Feed My Lamb (FML) Kabarole is a community driven non-profit community based organisation that is dedicated to creating a healthy independent generation of rehabilitated orphaned and vulnerable children. It was founded by members who were overwhelmed by the increasing number of street children, orphans and other vulnerable children that continue to lack physical, social, economic and spiritual care, resulting in psychological stress, which can lead them into bad habits like drug abuse, theft, and prostitution, among others. The founding members organised themselves to engage in development programs and activities aimed at restoring sustainable hope to vulnerable children.

    In order to sustainably improvelives of vulnerable children and the society, FML carries out activities such as crop farming, tea growing, poultry, beekeeping and fish farming. Most importantly, these activities form part of a vocational training program at early primary school where studentsacquire practical skills. We still need more help to fully develop all these projects. Feel free to contact us any time.

    Feed My Lamb (FML) Kabarole is a community driven non-profit, that empowers and equips vulnerable children and their households with quality education, life skills training, health-care and better avenues for sustainable self-reliance.Since we offer all of our services free of charge and receive no government support, we are truly dependent on our generous donors, volunteers and community members.

    Poverty can be beaten! FML ensures that orphans, vulnerable children, those affected by HIV/AIDS and marginalised people are enabled to achieve their potential, ensuring that poverty, lack of education, discrimination or circumstance does not exclude them from society. Together we can change lives and build people because all children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential. The world changes of tomorrow will come from the children of today. Change a life or two - make a donation or a contribution towards the project.

    Feed my Lamb takes an innovative community-based and integrated approach to create a sustainable meaningful life for vulnerable children. We empower communities through grassroots programs in education, agriculture, and vocational skills training assisted by volunteers. We offer vulnerable children quality holistic education—considering both academics and life skills training. We rely heavily on community donations to help sustain our programs. Your small contribution can create a meaningful life, and a bright future for today’s vulnerable children.