FML Projects

Organic Farming Project

As a means to empower our students and the community with good and up-to-date agricultural practices and skills, we develop organic garden projects on or near the school site. We educate both students and teachers on the latest farming methods, which will give them new skills to farm the land in a productive, yet sustainable way. We provide the school with garden tools and a water tank, and then we follow this up with ongoing trainings and workshop across many agricultural areas.

As Uganda's economy is largely dependent on agriculture this is one of the subjects taught in Uganda, but it is rarely practically demonstrated. We believe our school garden project is a sustainable, long-term way to educate the wider community on modern agricultural practises. The school gardens also help address problems created after the introduction of Universal Primary Education in (UPE). With so-called 'free education' Uganda has witnessed large increases in student enrolment in many government and private schools however many students cannot afford lunches so they cannot perform well in class because they are hungry. The schools gardens are now growing fruits and vegetables, which can provide meals at school.

Feed my Lamb also envisages a situation where students will act as 'change agents' and will pass on skills and knowledge gained from school gardens to their respective parents and homes, hence building sustainable societies. A feed my Lamb demonstration garden/ farm is being developed as a resource where schools, community groups and individuals can learn through seeing correct methods for themselves and participating in a hands on way.