FML Projects

Computer Training

Computer training is an important factor not only in the 21st century workplaces, but also in everyday life. The importance of computer training for our students and community is to introduce them to computer applications that make themselves more valuable to potential employers. We would like students to learn hands-on computer repair skills that demanded in the job market.
We would like to construct a computer-training lab, at the school, and the training will pass on valuable computer knowledge and skills to a variety of people within the local community. The computer will increase access to computer technology for those in the village. In-fact, many people in our community have never had an opportunity to lay their hands on a computer.
Our computer training courses will target school students, business people, teachers and others, and will start by teaching them 'Introduction to the Computer'. As their skill levels improve they will then move on to relevant packages like Microsoft word, excel and many others. They will utilise these skills, as computers become more a part of people’sday-to-day lives in Uganda. In the future we also hope to have internet access at the school so people in the village can learn from the many resources it provides and communicate via email, therefore opening up a whole new world to them.
You can help by donating a computer to the school. It will be exciting to see computers at FML positively influencingstudents’ lives and Gweri community at large.