Volunteerism is now a world trend that has been instrumental in changes the lives of many people. The usual volunteer concept is of someone physically doing something or passing on a skill in the particular project or country the volunteer visits. However at Feed My Lamb Kabarole, we regard everyone that comes to stay with us as a friend in fact we are aiming to build a global family. 

We believe that everyone can have a positive impact on the community, no matter where there skills and interest lie. Even if you feel you do not have a particular skill to pass on, we welcome you warmly and look forward to helping you find your own special place within our Feed My Lamb family. 
We rely heavily on volunteers to help sustain our programs. Your small contribution can create a meaningful life and a bright future for today’s vulnerable children.Unlike many other projects, where people 'volunteer' in highly structured programs, with a set schedule of activities for the entirety of their stay, at FML we are much more flexible. Rather than consider your visit as a volunteer mission, we encourage you to immerse yourself within the Tooro community and think of your time at Feed My Lamb as a 'life experience.' We have flipped the volunteering idea on its head; our project therefore has no fixed program. Rather we encourage you to find you own area of interest and be self-motivated with self-conceived ideas of how best you can be involved.

It is important that you as a visitor within the community acknowledge that you only support ideas that will positively benefit the Centre and/or the surrounding communities. We oppose the 'white saviour' mentality of western visitors coming with the belief that they have all the answers to third world problems. Please remember that the actual 'work' you do while you are within our family, is only a very small part of your visit. Immersing yourself in the local culture; walking side by side with the local people, playing with kids, laughing with adults and building friendships are as important as any structure or skill you leave behind. 

It is our core belief that it is vitally important for the project to continue to empower the local people but we also truly believe that your experience with us will equally have a positive long-term impact on your life. Therefore, the interaction between our different cultures is helping us all to grow!

You can download a volunteer form here [PDF] Fill the form and email it to us.
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Following successful completion of Feed My Lamb Community School that started in 2017, this year, we are specifically seeking donations to fund the building of a community vocational training 5 classroom block. Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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